Friday 11th September

The cost is £40 per person. Prior booking is essential as places will be limited. Please contact Kathy for availability.

2 pm – 5 pm offering

Ideal for those who want to learn how to make full use of their own orchard trees with all the associated benefits this brings both to the kitchen, to our well being, and to the garden.

By September the orchard is full of ripe fruit. Now is the time to harvest all the apples and pears, the crab apples, plums and damsons with quince and medlars a little later.

The afternoon includes:

  1. Private tour of the orchard observing the open tree pruning techniques of the apples and pear trees.
  2. Discussion of how can we make full use of the fruit both in the days ahead and find lovely ways to preserve them? This could involve cakes and juice, but also jellies, chutney, fruit gin etc.
  3. ‘Hands on’ Demonstration: This is the exciting part where you watch Simon’s ‘Hands on’ Demonstration of how to extract the apple juice and you can have a go yourselves.
  4. Then you will be offered the opportunity to taste…nothing could be fresher.

Next, we show how to preserve the juice through the pasteurization process so that it will keep for the months ahead.

Now is the chance to discuss how to turn apple juice into apple cider vinegar. Cider comes in between, but we prefer the apple cider vinegar for healthy gut and cooking.

3.30 pm – 4 pm A short break gives you time to explore the rest of the garden by yourselves

4 pm At last! Enjoy Kathy’s special Orchard Afternoon Tea. Home made scones and a choice of delicious freshly baked cakes using the produce straight from the orchard will be offered out in the garden or inside if the weather is inclement.

You can visit our small but unique shop.

You will be given samples of Stevington apple juice and apple cider vinegar to take home.