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Mondrian inspired Garden – Kathy Brown's Garden

Piet Mondrian inspired eighteen-year-old Jonathan Brown (our son) to paint this wall. Beautifully balanced and wonderfully colourful, it transforms the former breeze blocks which had once acted as cricket nets and football wall. Simple grass formed the foreground once but then in 2003 red and yellow crab apples were planted to create a living screen echoing the idea of Mondrian’s Red Tree.

Five years later we planted a garden of ornamental grasses in front of the wall with a seat between the two crab apple trees. This was all part of the adjacent Monet Garden. The trees have now matured and whether in flower or fruit they really enhance the garden. So much so that the wall now lies settled in the landscape, seen full frontal and partly through a veil depending on the angle and season. Of course, all is laid bare once the grasses are cut in early March.