Kathy Brown’s Lectures, in person, at suitable venues within 30 miles of Stevington, in the daytime only (no evening talks).

Zoom lectures would be possible anywhere in the country, in daytime or evening.

Please contact her to discuss requirements.

Digital presentation with beautiful illustrations
Lectures in 2022: £165 plus travel at 40p per mile (if appropriate).

Choose from the following topics –
1.    Bulbs for All Seasons  
2.    The Edible Flower Garden 
3.    The Cottage Garden
4.    The Manor House Garden; inspiration & creation 
5.    Clematis and other climbers 
6.    The Winter Garden 
7.    Gardens of China and the Luoyang Peony Festival 
8.    Distinctive Containers: Spring and Summer
9.    Distinctive Containers: Autumn through to Spring
10. A Way with Plants: Effects, combinations, use of trees, foliage, colours, including containers