Garden Image 006

 The JULY garden passes from roses to clematis with early July a glorious mixture of both. By mid month over 80 will be named on a map which we give out to all our visitors. There are clouds of blue, purple, white and red viticellas on the arches and pergolas, pink texensis along the warm front of the house and many yellow orientalis types on the wisteria arches. There are various species clematis too. They all contribute wonderully to the July garden, with glorious displays of countless blooms.

July brings the white regale lilies in full array while beneath the white stemmed birch avenue, the generous strip of purple and white acanthus looks dramatic against the purple beech hedge. By now the naturalistic grass gardens are beginning to look their best with layers of pink, green and white echinaceas in bloom besides the ornamental grasses.

Formal garden

The edible flower border is now rich with lavender for my delicious flapjacks and cakes, bronze fennel flowers for all the lovely salmon and prawn dishes, marigolds for the carrot cakes etc etc. Our visitors will enjoy them as well as the July Groups and also those coming on the Edible flower extravaganza morning!

Garden Image 026

The ornamental grass borders are now rich with colour as the calamagrostis flowers are joined by vivid echinaceas, golden solidago and blue geraniums. The Monet borders are transformed, so too the Hepworth garden. 

The wild flower meadow is a picture with pale blue scabious, knapweeds, trefoils etc with mown paths created to make it easy to wander through and just enjoy the atmosphere of insects flitting to and for and supping the nectar. We have lots of bees, lacewings, ladybirds, grasshoppers and moths enjoying the feast.

The summer containers are beginning to get into their full stride with begonias and fuchsias teaming up with the succulents. The old fish pond display is now very exotic and has become a tea area…..unique and fun and sheltered. Elsewhere grasses, herbaceous plants, hostas and ferns all make a wonderful display in various pots and troughs and baskets.