Raspberry cake

The edible flower garden will still be producing tasty fennel flowers, monarda, gladioli and garlic chive flowers, marjoram etc all good for sweet and savoury dishes alike. The vegetables will be prolific now with tomatoes, courgettes etc. Meanwhile the autumn raspberries will be in full production providing tasty fillings for Kathy’s delicious elderflower and raspberry cakes.

The late flowering viticella clematis peak mid to end July and early August. A map showing over 80 named clematis is available on any visit and Kathy will happily chat about the merits of them. Especially good are ‘Emilia Plater’ and ‘Perle dAzur’; so too ‘Minuet’ and ‘Black Prince’.

Garden Image 022

As the month progresses, however, the yellows just get better and better, some now with fluffy seedheads; including species tangutica as well as ‘Aurelion’, ‘Golden Tiara’ and many others. The white Japanese anemones beneath the wisteria arches look marvellous beneath the yellow clematis.

Elsewhere the old fishpond is transformed by all the bold hot colours of nasturtiums, begonias and dahlias while the exotic containers are looking better and better, bright with colour and form.  Agapanthus make a wonderfully colourful addition. This is a special place to arrange a celebration tea or just a special Group Floral Afternoon  Tea.

All the black aeoniums, agaves and dasylirions add super structure. The old fishpond is positively ablaze with dazzling pots.

White waterlilies

But it is the naturalistic borders which really steal the show. Golden grasses including Calamagrostis Overdam, Stipa tenuissima and Deshampsia Goldtau join ranks with baby and taller solidago, whispy purple verbenas, and super echinaceas including orange/pink ‘Hot Summer’ dark pink ‘Fatal Attraction’, green/pink ‘Green Envy’ and white ‘Virgin’ and ‘White Swan’ echinaceas, some planted along with blue Geranium Rozanne, sedums etc. The bees and butterflies love them all. It is magical to wander through the paths which dissect the borders enjoying the movement and back light.

Lavender drizzle will still be on offer on my open Tuesdays but now raspberry and elderflower cake has become a firm favourite along with honey and ginger cake. There are others too such as the marigold and carrot cake made with either walnuts or almonds. Or Kathy’s apricot and lavender cake with gooey frangipane centre. But for dairy and gluten free then the orange blossom and tangerine cake is a delight. It is such fun to use the seasonal produce mixed with garden petals and flavourings.