First of all, a heartfelt thank you to all those who visited us in 2022. It is a great joy for us to welcome people and share the garden as the seasons unfold.  We now have a few weeks to put all the many tender plants to bed for the winter in the glass Solardome, plant the bulbs and generally weed and mulch the herbaceous borders

We have some great publicity which we would like to share with you. 

What’s happening in 2023

We hope to open in very early February to coincide with the winter flowering aconites in bloom, cornus stems, the ornamental grass gardens, the avenues of white stemmed birch backed by creamy pampas, ghostly white rubus, tiered hollies and so much more. If the sun shines, it is a magical time here. We have to be led by ground conditions however, as a wet winter can bring slippery muddy surfaces on the grass. Pretty as it might be, snow would mean closure. Crisp and dry would be ideal! 

We will then reopen in early April taking us right through to end September. The spring bulbs will be in flower, (I am going to trial some special mixed plantings in the formal garden to give longer displays) the swallows will have returned and we will be on course for peonies and alliums, early Chinese roses, lilacs, viburnums, laburnums, wisterias and a flower packed season ahead. Makes me smile just thinking about it. We will create the hot dry succulent garden again and give it even more impact and will plan another sumptuous season of dahlias, salvias and cosmos in the main borders. So please do come and visit us. We limit our numbers morning and afternoon so that we can look after you and have enough tasty home-made cakes for you to enjoy. Simon has been busy juicing and preserving the apples and we offer our own apple juice as well.

For further more detailed information please check back to see the website as it is updated.

Group Visits:

About the garden

Spring is the magical time when the garden comes back to life with clouds of cherry blossoms and bulbs. Our orchard is a special joy with the apple and pear tree blossom coinciding with the blue camassias. 

In early to mid-April the gleaming white stemmed birch by the drive have a wonderful display of  snakeshead fritillaries followed by glorious white Rockii tree peonies.

The two beds opposite are filled with more Rockii peonies whilst another is dedicated to the sumptuous intersectional types. Tree peonies, intersectional and herbaceous peonies provide fantastic interest from end April to early June.

Spring blossom

Various wisteria and early Banksiae roses on the house walls provide great beauty through May followed by the wisteria and laburnum arches which generally take centre stage by mid to end May, all underplanted with a mass of purple alliums. Honeysuckle, solanum, poppies and foxgloves join the scene as well…it is a magical time.

The wild flower meadow has a great number of cowslips, now drifting in and populating the ellipse of white birch. Meanwhile the meadow besides the drive becomes a shimmering sea of buttercups in May. Wilding is both deliberate and natural.

Please check back regularly for the latest information on our opening dates and times or follow us on Instagram.