Well Dressing Site for The Holy Well 
end May 2015 
near St Mary The Virgin, Stevington
 Nr Bedford MK43 7QB

Our first attempt at a Well Dressing was for the Jubilee Celebrations in 2012 It was based on the beautiful stained glass window in Stevington Baptist Church commemorating the local landscape in The Pilgrim's Progress with Christian standing at the Cross and his burden rolling into the sepulchre ( our Holy Well).

Our second attempt  was in May 2013 based on the window in Bunyan Church, Bedford depicting John Bunyan, poised with pen in hand, in his prison cell. The children also had their own design.

Our well dressing inspiration for 2013came from a stained glass window showing Bunyan writing his famous book The Pilgrim's Progress.

By kind permission of the trustees of Bunyan Meeting, Bedford
Name used alder cones against white chrysanthemums

Cross is made with miscanthus stems

The sky is made with various hydrangea petals and gypsophila

The face and hands use crushed egg shells

The greenery is pine, parsley, cotinus, eucalyptus & euonymus leaves

Jacket and trousers are chrysanthemums

The surround to the well uses white stemmed birch bark with twigs

Our third attempt  was end May 2014 taking inspiration from the wildlife which is to be found near the church and in the meadows.. including the  wonderful white barn owl, heron, swan, bat, fox, and mouse. The owl has a face made of crushed egg shell.
He is about to pounce on a wee mouse.

2015; The picture focused on the Holy Well itself surround by all the wonderful insects and flowers that grow here.
​Chrysanthemums, hydrangeas and gerberas provided the colour, with ceonothus, parsley,alder cones, fir, bark and cornus stems being used for all the other background shapes. 

    Please see below for all four amazing and intricate well     dressing pictures which Stevington has now completed.